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joeHi, my name is Joe and I’m in my final year of a three year Geology degree. One day, I hope to move abroad to work in the mining sector. Being from Birmingham, I noticed that settling into another large city was relatively easy for me and this helped me to feel comfortable quickly. Life outside of university is a very important aspect of my life. I aim to swim four times a week, three of which are with the UoM swimming society. I also try to attend their fitness session every Saturday morning. Being part of a sports society has opened up a whole range of opportunities for me and allowed me to make lifelong friends. I would strongly recommend joining a society to anyone. Using my experience of studying a subject with a large number of contact hours, being part of a sports society, taking up part time jobs and having lived in cities all my life, I hope to be able to help those who have never had these experiences before.


emily-finalSaluete! I’m Emily, a second year Classics student. My study of ancient (dead, but wonderful) languages has stemmed from my ability to be fascinated by pretty much anything, so I’m full of useless and random knowledge and I’ve always got a (hilarious) joke about Latin grammar ready. When I’m not translating, I’m climbing trees or ballroom dancing, and hopefully providing all of you with advice on maintaining and improving your well-being. I’ll look forward to it!


noorHey guys! My name is Noor and I am currently in my second year studying Management.
As part of my course I have the option to go abroad next year so I have applied to spend my third year at the University of Washington, USA.

Since my first year I have tried to immerse myself in the whole university life and as a result I am currently the Treasurer for the ManMUN society, as well as a junior co-ordinator for the Peer Mentoring Scheme for the MBS. I have to be super organised in order to make sure that I manage my time effectively and, using my experiences, I am hoping to share my advice on time management with you all. Hope you all enjoy the blogs!


ravSalutations! My name is Ravyansh (call me Rav or Ravy) and I’m an international student from India. I’m in my 4th year of the Aerospace Engineering course. I love my degree with all my heart, despite the struggles it comes with. Other than designing aircraft or understanding aerodynamic derivatives, I enjoy cooking (I think I’m pretty good at it), playing basketball and occasionally doing some gardening. I like to plan everything and dislike leaving anything to chance or going ‘with the flow’. I also like to learn new things. Currently, I’m learning Japanese and the basics of Quantum Mechanics. Over my years at University, I’ve been very busy with too much on my plate. I have accumulated skills and experiences from various roles and positions I have held during these years, including: President of AeroSoc, Innovation Executive of Enactus Manchester and Project Manager for various projects, to name a few.  I’m a PASS leader for Aerospace PASS, which won the scheme of the year for 2015-16.

I can help you with managing your commitments, de-stressing and taking care of the smaller (but in no way less significant) things in life.


sarahHi everyone! I’m Sarah and I’m currently in my 4th year of my Pharmacy degree. I enjoy
my degree but I also like doing many things outside Pharmacy, like salsa, German and being part of the Library’s Student Team! University has taught me how to organise my time properly and do well on my course whilst still having an active social life. One of the biggest struggles I faced was CV writing, interviews and finding internships/jobs. It wasn’t easy but I can guarantee that if you work hard and speak to the right people you will get what you always wanted! I think my strengths are having a good work-social life balance and good applications/interviews skills and I would be more than happy to share my experiences with you so you can achieve the same.



 Hello! My name is Chloe and I’m currently in my second year studying Chinese & Linguistics. In my spare time I love to go on little adventures, visit the gym and go swimming. People describe me as a busy, outgoing person so I hope to give you lots of advice about keeping on top of deadlines whilst still enjoying the exciting times University has to offer!


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