The Library Get Started Drop-in

Getting to grips with the Library can seem overwhelming, especially with so many books, and so many sites on campus! To help us get a head start on the new academic year, we decided to test drive the new Get Started Anytime Drop-in, located on the ground floor in the Main Library. Get Started is … Continue reading The Library Get Started Drop-in


The struggle is real: Finding a PC on campus

It’s that time of year again, ladies and gentlemen. Flowers are nodding awake under the glow of an evasive sun; that sun that only seems to appear at this time of year. A gentle breeze floats across those inviting Library deckchairs in Alan Gilbert Square, bringing with it an inexplicable waft of barbeque. Even the … Continue reading The struggle is real: Finding a PC on campus

Space hogging and the ever-present ghost

There’s the person in the library who speaks on their phone incessantly, so much so that by the end of the day you know more about their personal life than you ever wanted to. There’s the person who crunches on their crisps so loudly, you wish they’d eat just anything else – and when they … Continue reading Space hogging and the ever-present ghost