Meet your academics: get engaged

A new academic year has started, and with it, there’s already preparation work to do for assignments and mid-terms (if that’s not your situation yet, don’t feel smug – it’s coming!). Starting a new module is always challenging, especially as it sometimes feels that every academic has different expectations. For example, Social Sciences students may … Continue reading Meet your academics: get engaged


Where to find support this exam season

Exams are once again fast approaching, but there is no need to panic - this article gives you a summary of some of the support available to you this exam season. Peer Support and Peer-assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Make the most of the peer support available! If you didn’t know already, every first year undergrad student … Continue reading Where to find support this exam season

Calm your brain and have a croissant

Would you rather be in Paris? Well, this is the next best thing. The workshop "Calm your brain and have a croissant" is the perfect revision get-away. How about starting your unpleasant revision days off right? This stress-releasing workshop includes a free breakfast and is perfect for anyone feeling the pressure of exams. When Isabella and I attended … Continue reading Calm your brain and have a croissant

Revision skills: Note-making strategies

Exams are fast approaching despite our best attempts to ignore them and so, the time has come to turn our minds to revision. Revision is such a personal activity- we’ve all got our personal routines and rituals, styles and techniques (although I’m not sure whether my technique of extremely frequent napping really counts). However, maybe … Continue reading Revision skills: Note-making strategies

Revision resources: A how-to guide

In the last weeks before Christmas (28th November – 16th December) and the week before exams (9th – 13th January), the Library Student Team will be handing out revision survival packs at the Learning Commons and Main Library, so look out for us there! We’ve thrown in some resources that will make your revision a little bit easier … Continue reading Revision resources: A how-to guide