Relax and recharge

Did you know that taking breaks has been proven to increase your productivity? We realise that exam season is a stressful period, and it can become easy to forget that both your body and mind need rest if they are to function properly. So, if you’re looking for some time away from your revision, come … Continue reading Relax and recharge


Cornell Note Taking

I only recently discovered how to take notes using the Cornell system, and I wish I’d discovered it sooner! As an English student, I have often found myself overwhelmed by the amount of information I hurriedly jot down during seminars. A few months later, exams arrive and I have to pore over badly organised notes … Continue reading Cornell Note Taking

Relax with MUSE meditation

Exams started on Monday, but the Library is here for you with some relaxation sessions using the brain-sensing MUSE headbands. We’re running these sessions every evening between 4:30 and 5:30 PM until Friday (19th Jan) in the Main Library, Ground Floor Seminar Room. If you’d like to explore the benefits of guided meditation, then drop … Continue reading Relax with MUSE meditation

In the Know Podcast: Revise the smart way

Brief synopsis Looking for something new to listen to? The In the Know podcasts are here to help you get the most out of your university experience! This podcast will provide you with useful techniques to improve your revision and help you cope with exam stress, just in time for January! Listen to the podcast … Continue reading In the Know Podcast: Revise the smart way

Meet your academics: get engaged

A new academic year has started, and with it, there’s already preparation work to do for assignments and mid-terms (if that’s not your situation yet, don’t feel smug – it’s coming!). Starting a new module is always challenging, especially as it sometimes feels that every academic has different expectations. For example, Social Sciences students may … Continue reading Meet your academics: get engaged

Brain power recipes that don’t break the bank!

Exams are looming and the “Ali G” is packed to the gunnels with students studying for the imminent exams. Although feeding your brains with knowledge often takes priority during exam season, it’s also important to remember to fill your tummy with lots of goodness to power through the long days of revision. To help you … Continue reading Brain power recipes that don’t break the bank!

The struggle is real: Finding a PC on campus

It’s that time of year again, ladies and gentlemen. Flowers are nodding awake under the glow of an evasive sun; that sun that only seems to appear at this time of year. A gentle breeze floats across those inviting Library deckchairs in Alan Gilbert Square, bringing with it an inexplicable waft of barbeque. Even the … Continue reading The struggle is real: Finding a PC on campus