The struggle is real: Finding a PC on campus

It’s that time of year again, ladies and gentlemen. Flowers are nodding awake under the glow of an evasive sun; that sun that only seems to appear at this time of year. A gentle breeze floats across those inviting Library deckchairs in Alan Gilbert Square, bringing with it an inexplicable waft of barbeque. Even the occasional rain spatter has lost its tendency to chill you to your very bone. Everything calls for you to be outside, breathe in the free air, sit back and soak in the sun.

It’s exam season though.

And you’re probably indoors, staring wistfully out at the leaves fluttering in the breeze. You glance down at the intimidating piles of illegible scrawls that are your notes and your heart sinks. There’s so much to do – and you forgot to pack lunch today. It’s even worse than that – your favourite computer on campus has already been taken by someone keener than you. You can’t do your research, can’t check any facts, can’t even print out lecture PowerPoints. So here you sit, alone and without a computer (you’re reading this on your phone).

We’ve set up a pretty bleak scenario. Hopefully things aren’t as bad as this, but we’re here to help where we can. Now, there’s no magical solution to all those deadlines and the pile of revision – you’ve got to get through it. What we can offer you is a lot of good will, and a bunch of computer clusters on campus that you might not even know exist. And these computer clusters usually have a nice café right next door, so the lunch worry is sorted too!

Keep scrolling down for a step-by-step of where you can find some proper desktop computers, with printing facilities to boot. Good luck!


By Madha from the Student Team


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