Manchester Graduate Talent: What is it?

So, it’s nearly the end of your degree – well done! You did it! Now…What’s next? If you haven’t got a job lined up yet, don’t worry, it’s not too late! Whether your original plans have changed, or you just haven’t found time to look yet, there are still plenty of opportunities out there. Have a look on CareersLink (over a thousand vacancies live now!), and maybe think about widening your searches? Think about job content rather than job title – what skills do you want to use in the workplace? What kind of team do you want to work with? Don’t focus on a few specific job titles – be flexible and see what else you can find!


For graduates who want to stay in Manchester, check out the Manchester Graduate Talent (MGT, formerly known as MGIP and MGP) programme offered by the University of Manchester. Have you seen the advertising and wondered what MGT’s all about? Well, stop wasting time wondering, and find out! MGT is a programme designed to match up local employers (from start-ups to international companies) with University of Manchester graduates, which means you’re up against less competition! Have you submitted some unsuccessful applications in the past, or struggled to think of examples when asked about your abilities? Well, MGT is great way to build up a varied skillset and a wide range of experience in a short time. Think of it as a springboard to your future career, whatever it might be! Vacancies are sourced from a range of employers, including from within the University itself, and include lots of permanent roles as well as shorter fixed-term contracts. Have a look at this list of last year’s internal MGT vacancies, or read the past graduate testimonials to get a better idea of what’s involved! For international students, eligibility for MGT is a little bit more complicated, depending on your visa situation, so if you think you’d like to stay on here for a while, check the guidelines, or read some general Careers Service advice on working in the UK after study.


If the idea of applying is making you nervous, whether it’s for MGT or another job you’re eyeing up, don’t struggle alone! There’s lots of help available from the Careers Service, online or in person, including video tutorials and examples to give you a feel for what employers are looking for. We’ve teamed up with them to create a great package of online resources to help you with researching companies, structuring CVs, and tailoring them to the employer. If you’re still not sure if MGT’s for you, read the FAQs then get some more support with your application – check out the CV and LinkedIn Guide, with some great examples for different kinds of jobs, based on subject area and specialism. You can also get help with writing and tailoring your covering letters, or handling application forms like a pro. Whatever the role you’re applying for, if you feel like you need to talk things through with someone in the know, you can even book a fifteen minute face-to-face appointment to get some personalised, targeted help to improve your application.

It can be stressful trying to revise and job hunt all at the same time, so MGT’s a great way to lighten the load – just sign up for their vacancies bulletin and wait for the opportunities to arrive in your inbox ready for perusal! Even if you don’t have time to start applying right now, you found time to read this post, so why not take a couple more minutes out of your revision to lay the groundwork for later? Join the MGT Facebook group so the information’s waiting at your fingertips when your exams are over. You’ve got nothing to lose, and the perfect graduate job in Manchester might just waiting for your application!

By Kit from the Student Team


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