Where to find support this exam season

Exams are once again fast approaching, but there is no need to panic – this article gives you a summary of some of the support available to you this exam season.


Peer Support and Peer-assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Make the most of the peer support available! If you didn’t know already, every first year undergrad student is offered peer-to-peer support through mentoring, advice and academic guidance from trained higher year students in their subject area – so, have a look here for more information on what your scheme offers. Get in touch with your peer mentors or PASS leaders if you have questions about specific modules, past exams or even wellbeing. They’ll be able to give you some tips and share their experience as they’ve already been in the same position as you! If you prefer group study, speak with them and they may be able to arrange revision sessions or workshops with external speakers.


 Student Support and Advice

The Student Support and Advice service is based at the Atrium, on the first floor of University Place. This is a one stop shop for general student queries and runs campaigns and events throughout the year on a range of health and wellbeing issues. Their advisers can support you with questions relating to a range of topics including procedures such as making mitigating circumstances claims, managing your finances, and taking care of your health and wellbeing. So if you need help on any of these areas, you can book one-to-one appointments with an adviser or attend one of their weekly drop-in sessions.


De-stress with Sporticipate

We all know that being active is good for our brains, so exercising on a regular basis can help you stay at the top of your game during this exam season. Try to develop a healthy routine and build an exercise schedule that works well for you. Spending all day in front of the computer without breaks can leave you feeling burned out and demotivated. To help improve your concentration and keep that motivation going, try fitting some brief exercise sessions around your revision timetable. Don’t know where to start? Sporticipate is here to help you keep fit during exams with their “De-stress” programme of free weekly sessions aimed at complete beginners. They have everything from dance fitness classes to swimming and football – so, have a look at their timetable and sign up for what suits you best.


Exam Extra

Exam extra is a campaign through which the Library offers you even more support during exam time, from providing extra furniture and study spaces to running more workshops and drop-ins every weekday (from Monday 15th May to Friday 26th May 2017).

Do you find revision overwhelming and often skip breakfasts because of it? Then come along to our “Calm your brain and have a croissant” sessions in the morning. Do you have a question that you need a quick answer to? Then pop to the “1:1 Exam support drop-ins” and have a chat with an advisor. Do you want to learn how to practice mindfulness meditation and improve your concentration? The new drop-ins, “Relax with MUSE meditation”, can help. Have a look on the My Learning Essentials webpage to find out more details about the Exam Extra timetable and where you can find the support you need.

At this point, you may already feel overwhelmed by all these revision resources available to you. Well, we’ve helpfully gathered them all together into one place! Take a look at our new revision resources bundle Start to finish: Revision, a one stop shop for all the My Learning Essentials resources you need this exam period.


 New Opening Hours

Some site libraries have also extended their opening times for those late night study sessions. The Learning Commons will continue to be open 24/7 and the Main Library will be open until 2am during exam time. However, don’t forget there are other places around the campus where you can find nice and cosy study spaces:

Monday 24th April to Wednesday 7th June

  • Joule Library: open until midnight every day
  • Stopford Library: open until 10pm Monday to Thursday, 5pm on Fridays
  • Kantorowich Library: open until 7pm Monday to Friday
  • Art and Archaeology Library: open until 7pm Monday to Friday

Monday 24th April 2017 to Friday 2nd June 2017

  • Lenagan Library: open until 7pm Monday to Friday


There’s so much support available to get you through this exam season, so make the most of it and remember that you are not alone! Before you know it, summer will be here, this academic year will be over, you’ll go on that well-deserved holiday and these exams will become a distant memory. Good luck!

By Matt from the Student Team


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