The 10 friends everyone needs at university: Which category do your friends fall into?

Friends are fantastic to socialise with, explore with and lean on when times get tough. But friends can also help you to be productive, focused, chilled and determined at university too!

So what kinds of friends are super useful to have at university? Below we have concocted a list of the 10 friends everyone should have at university to give you a head-start. It can be really useful to think about what your friends are good at and what they can help you with – so that when you’re feeling run down, you know who will get you motivated again, or when you’re feeling overworked and panicky you know who will help you to chill out and put things back into perspective. And not just that, but what is it that you’re especially good at and can contribute to your friendship groups with?


A friend who’s fantastically fun

Everyone needs a fun-loving friend. When the stress builds up around exam time, a fun loving friend is the best medicine. Whether it’s a trip to the Northern Quarter for a game of ping pong or a break free attempt at Breakout Manchester, it’s extremely important to balance work and social time at uni. Having something fun planned for the evening can also be a great motivating tool for not procrastinating and getting your work done during the day so you can enjoy yourself later. After all, your brain won’t be able to function properly if it’s overloaded!

 A friend who’s totally tech-savvy 

Gift Present Celebrate Party Wrapped Simple ConceptHaving a friend who’s good with technology is a lifesaver. If you ever need help making
your printer wireless (I know I did), submitting an essay on Turnitin or using EndNote, a tech-savvy friend is very useful to have around. If you don’t have a tech-savvy friend and need help managing your references, why not pop to one of our workshops to get a helping hand?

A friend who’s chilled as Antarctica

Yoga class on a Sunday? Yes, please. If you’re a busy bee like me, having a chilled friend
really helps to reinforce that studying all the time is not healthy or productive. Taking
even just an hour out a week to chill out, talk to your friends and put things into perspective can be extremely beneficial to your studies. We also have workshops at the Learning Commons, run by the Counselling Service to help you calm and distress.Find all of our wellbeing workshops here.


A friend who’s utterly involved in uni life

Do you need information about what’s happening on campus? Or maybe you want to attend the Little Careers Fair but have no idea where to go? Well, a friend involved with uni life knows all the hacks and helpful tips to ensure you don’t miss those all important events.

A friend with wacky wheels

5As well as visiting “Breakout Manchester” it’s also sometimes good to break free from Oxford Road. Having a friend with a car means those trips to the Peak District are not too hard to achieve. Alternatively, just hop on a train! It’s so easy to get trapped in a student bubble, so a trip away from Manchester can be great to remind you that the real world still exists.

A friend who’s good with words

No matter how many times you re-read your essays, it’s easy to miss out on simple grammar mistakes. Having a friend to proofread your essays is a fantastic way to ensure you don’t miss out on easy marks (just make sure you offer to do some proofreading for them in exchange!).

Cropped man and woman using electronic device free image

A friend who’s a rampant reminder

Always forgetting about that presentation deadline? Need someone to remind you to pay the rent? A friend who’s a rampant reminder will ensure that those important deadlines don’t go amiss.

A seriously sporty friend

Sports are a great way to unwind and de-stress your mind as well as improve your physical wellbeing. The University of Manchester has a range of sports teams that you can join for a small membership fee, however if the pennies are tight then check out Sporticipate. Every week, they offer over 70 hours of free sports and fitness classes, so why not try something you’ve never done before?


A friend from another country

9The University of Manchester welcomes more international students every year than any other university in the UK. So, no matter your degree programme, making a whole host of international friends and learning about different cultures is easier than you may think (plus, you’ll have people to stay at when you go travelling in the future).

The motivational friend

Everyone has high and low points whilst at University. Having a motivational friend will ensure productivity and help you to set achievable goals!


The most important thing to remember about friends is they should be there to support, encourage and motivate you. And remember, if you’re struggling to find friends who fit the grade, come along to our My Learning Essentials workshops and drop-ins and meet the Library Student Team – we will be sure to offer a friendly face, good advice and lots of tea and biscuits!

By Chloe from the Student Team

December 2016 (6)



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