Note-taking tips: How to use Evernote

How do you keep track of your life? Do you have a nicely organised filing system? Perhaps your desk is showered with colour coordinated post-it notes. Have you ever wondered if there was a better way of staying on top of everything? Evernote is the answer. This invaluable app provides you with reminders and a nifty method of collating your notes and everyday thoughts. And, best of all, it’s free!

Thanks to Evernote you can access your personal content across all devices anywhere, share notes with others, add any type of file to your notes and create notebooks to organise your ideas. Evernote allows you to upload 60MB of documents per month and offers the option to upgrade to unlock more features.

Step by step…

If you have not already, registering is free, quick and easy. This article will be explaining Evernote whilst using the web browser version on Google Chrome. Once you have registered, Evernote will guide you through the first few tasks to get started. Below is a picture of how your screen will look. On the left-hand side of the screen is where the toolbar is located.


To get started on a new note, you will need to press the 1 (plus) button located at the top of the toolbar. Now you will be able to start typing whatever your heart desires!

You will be able to: add a title, add a new tag for the note, add any type of file to the note, and type until you can type no more.en

Tags allow you to link your notes and search them by looking through different tags. For
example, if you were to add the tag “important” to a note, you would be able to search using either the 2 (search) or 3 (tag)  button through all of the notes that are linked to that tag.

Another extremely useful way of using Evernote is the reminder function. It can help to complete your work on time or, if you need to come back to your work later on then set yourself a reminder and Evernote will not let you down. To get started, find the reminder button4. Once you click this button a reminder will be created and the option to be notified appears. To be notified click the box 5, it will then open the option to set a time and a date to be notified. Evernote is able to send a notification via email or phone alert, if you have the app downloaded on your phone – this emphasises the usefulness of Evernote accessing all devices.

Hopefully once you have finished reading this you will be able to visualise how you will become more organised. So, how will you use Evernote to get in control of everything and be more effective than ever before? Tweet us your answers and don’t forget to share with us your favourite project management apps if you’ve already used any to keep your notes organised.

By Matt from the Student Team



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