Presentations: Practice makes perfect!

Presentations can be really daunting – especially when you know you are being marked and that mark counts towards your final degree classification. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel – with practice, presentations do get easier and eventually you might even start enjoying them! (well..maybe)

When we view presentations as a terrible ordeal, something which we want to get over and done with and then forget about it, often the last thing we want to do is practise in front our friends (or practise at all, to be honest). Why voluntarily put yourself through the experience more than once, right? The thing is that, it is really hard to ever improve your technique if you don’t practise and seek constructive feedback. When you are actually giving your presentation, in the moment it’s hard to stop and assess what your arms are doing or how many ums you’ve said in one sentence. Seeking constructive feedback from a friend can help to highlight the areas where you are weaker and then you can focus on improving these areas.


My Learning Essentials offers several workshops and online resources which will help you to plan, structure and deliver an effective presentation. It’s worth having a look at some Ted Talks as well, and learn from the best!


Online resources:

In the online resource Present like a pro: the art of delivery, several people from the Library team put these principles into practice – they delivered a presentation and got some feedback. Follow the link above to see how they did!

This online resource even provides a handy feedback form for your friend to fill out as they watch you practise. You can download the form here.


The nice thing about these videos is that you can rewind them to watch certain parts. That’s also the helpful thing about practising in front of a friend; if there is a part of your presentation that you feel needs work, you can focus in on that part. Remember to reward your friends for helping you out with chocolate/printer credits or offer to watch their presentation in return!

Good luck with your presentations and remember that practice makes perfect!

By Hannah from the Student Team


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