The Library Student Team

Who are we?

Hi everyone! Have you ever seen people wearing red branded t-shirts in the Learning Commons or other Library sites and wondered who they are? Well, we’re the Library Student Team, a group of 20 students just like you, who work part-time in the Library to help make your experience here the best it can be! So if you have any questions (whether it’s about the Library or about the University in general), please come and ask us! We’ll do our best to answer your questions or to point you to the person who can.

What do we do?

We’re involved in lots of different tasks and projects across the Library with the aim of enhancing the student experience. If you’ve ever attended a My Learning Essentials workshop then you’ll probably have seen one of us standing at the door to welcome you in! Twice a day we also go on roves around the Learning Commons collecting data, so that staff members know how students are using the space and can make sure that your needs are being met. You might also see one of us covering the Learning Commons information desk.

As students, we have a similar mind-set as you and understand what you expect from the Library. Thus, we try to bridge the gap between staff and students at the University by offering our support and views during welcome events, workshops and focus groups, and making sure the student voice gets heard.

Another exciting part of our job is that we can lead and carry out our own projects that allow us to make a real difference in the Library. At regular meetings, we brainstorm and come up with ideas that contribute to top-level Library policies. We also get to be involved in innovative Library initiatives like the DigiLab technology showcase events.


Collectively, the Student Team have a lot of knowledge and experience which we’ve taken years to amass, and which we’d like to share! This is why we started to work on creating blog posts for fellow students – this is where we’ll direct you to the resources and services you need to make a success of your time at Manchester.

Let us know if you have any concerns or ideas about how to improve the Library services, and we’d be more than happy to help! All suggestions are more than welcome – leave us one in the comments below, via Twitter or in person, and we’ll do our best to communicate it to the Library leadership.

See you around! 🙂


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